Golf cap - ACAD Urban Flat - Turquoise

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New, exclusive collaboration with Drömgolf, and this time it's in the ACAD Series! Turqouise cap with a straight brim. 3D embroidery with ACAD in white and a white rope. Undoubtedly the comfiest and most stylish cap on the golf course and a great way to show support for all the ACADs out there. Limited edition - only a couple of pieces per color.


  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Color: Turqouise (embroidery in white)
  • Size: 60cm / Brim: 7cm / Crown: 18 cm
  • Embroidery:  ACAD.
  • Other: Soft and comfortable linings, great fit.

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At Stripe Golf, the dream of playing professional golf never dies. Even if that dream may never come closer to reality than just a dream, it's still there.

That's why it feels absolutely right to team up with someone who is chasing that dream for real. In the Drömgolf podcast, we follow Max and Marcus every week in their pursuit of better golf and pro dreams. How are they doing in their endeavor, their game strategy, competitions, and a ton of great tips from PGA coach Marcus?

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