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Fyll på ordentligt med ett extra stort paket och spara 30%. Ett pang erbjudande från Stripe golf att öppna säsongen med. Golfbollar, handskar och peggar i ett och samma paket till ett riktigt bra pris. Säsongspaket XL innehåller 24 golfbollar av Modell No.1 & Model No.2, 3st handskar i cabrettaskinn (modell No.4) och 2st lådor med peggar (grön och vit).

Välj endast storlek på golfhandskarna, skickas inom 1-2 arbetsdagar.

Per dozen:

Golfboll Modell No.1

1 dussin golfbollar i en 4 delad konstruktion som hjälper till att kontrollera bollflykt. Bollen har en mjuk känsla och ger hög spinn vilket ger extra känsla i närspelet och samtidigt ökad kontroll vid spel in mot green

• Mjuk känsla
• Hög spinn
• Kontrollerad bollflykt

Only 4 left in stock (can be backordered)

Golfboll Modell No.2

1 dussin golfbollar av model No.2 som är en 3-delad golfboll med något mindre spinn än sin syster Modell no.1.
Bollens design ger ökad längd från tee och för de som har hög swinghastighet att komma ner i spinntal.

• Maximal längd från tee
• Mindre spinn
• Lägre bollflykt

In stock (can be backordered)

Golfhandske No.4 (3-pack)

3st golfhandskar i tunt cabrettaskinn av Model No.4 som har extra förstärkning i handflatan. Detta för att skydda mot slitage och hålla längre. Sömmarna är placerade för maximal komfort och med extra perforering på ovansidan för att skapa fin fin ventilation under varma sommardagar.

Peggar (70mm) Vit

72st peggar av bambu. Håller extra länge och helt utan plast.

In stock

Peggar (70mm) Grön

72st peggar av bambu. Håller extra länge och helt utan plast.

In stock

In stock

Free shipping available

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Control ball flight

The 392 dimples allow for good control of both spin and length. Model No.1 is easy to combine with different types of strokes towards and around the greens.

Precision short game

No.1 unique mantle and core creates a soft impact in the short game. An elevated precision in shots towards the green and an increased sen provides opportunities for a low score!

Improved aiming

Start each putt on the line with our unique alignment system that runs around the entire ball. ”Drive for show and putt for dough!” ”Drive for show and putt for dough!”

Knogar golfhandske no.4 Striipe golf

Exceptionally breathable

Additional mesh over the knuckles on both hand and fingers make the golf glove perfect for summer days on the golf course. 

Reinforced palm

Additional leather is sewn on the side of the palm to provide additional protection for those who wear out their gloves quickly. This also results in longer durability. 

Outstanding fit

The stretchy fabric between the fingers and the thin cabretta leather give this model a tight fit while still being easy to put on. 

Peggar snälla mot naturen

Bamboo is more durable than many other materials and has several benefits for both humans and our planet. Bamboo is renewable and can be recycled, which makes the manufacturing process gentle on nature and the environment.

Lightweight but strong

The strength and stability of bamboo provide opportunities for constructions with thinner details, which means less material consumption per product. This way, we can save natural resources, reduce transport costs, and keep prices low for you.  

70 mm of tough grass

Bamboo is primarily grown in China, and actually belongs to the grass family. Bamboo grows quickly and new shoots are created naturally, which makes production accessible. This makes the material very suitable to produce golf tees.

Högpresterande produkter

Performing on the course is difficult enough, we know! Great golf requires top notch equipment so that you can focus on the course and your golf game. Stripe Golf's products helps you achieve you’re goals and aspiration. Check out our products that can help you lower your score. your score.

Find your glove

Choose a golf glove that suits your hand and your game, and one that lasts long. A good golf glove is essential for a firm grip and will help performance on the golf course in the long run. Here are some pointers to help you choose the right golf glove.
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Package deal XL
Package deal XL
995 kr