Mastering Your Wedge Play: A Tribute to Augusta and the Art of Improvement

As the azaleas bloom and the lush fairways of Augusta National beckon, we turn our attention to the magic of the Masters in April. For those of us who don't get to play the course, we can still take inspiration from the hallowed grounds of Augusta to hone our own game. This guide focuses on an aspect of the game that is as crucial as it is challenging: the wedge shot. Practice undeniably leads to improvement, and in the spirit of the great players who have walked Augusta National's hilly fairways, here are some wedge drills designed to get a little closer to the pins and ultimately lower your scores.

Hole 12 at augusta national - stripe golf

1. 100m Precision: A Lesson Fit for Augusta

Augusta National is known for its unrivalled beauty and challenging design, where every detail is carefully thought out. To master the course, confidence is needed from the "scoring distance" - 100m and in. Use this as motivation to practise precision shots from this distance (e.g. 80-100m). Choose a good location, preferably from a grass range (if you have access) towards a practice green. Practise varying the height and spin of your wedges, from pitching wedge to lob wedge, to mimic the different approaches required at Augusta. Record ball flight, landing area and roll distance to analyse and adjust your swing for maximum control and precision.

Hole 12 at augusta national - stripe golf
Self-confidence in golf play. Focus and visualization

2. Utmaningen ”Amen Corner”: Precision under press

Who doesn't know everything that can happen in Amen Corner. A part of Augusta national that requires exceptional skill and mental focus. Many Masters competitions have already been decided here during Sunday's final round.
Skapa en övningsrutin som efterliknar denna utmaning genom att placera ut mål i komplicerade lägen runtom övningsområdet. Detta bör inkludera övningar från svåra lägen, bunkerslag och precisionsslag med wedgarna – över ”låtsas” vatten och andra hinder. Målet är att utveckla förmågan att behålla precision och lugn under press, precis som de utmaningar spelare ställs inför i Amen Corner.

Magnolia lane at Augusta national - Stripe golf

3. the skipp stroke on the water at Hole 16

One of the most entertaining traditions at The Masters is when players attempt to skip balls over the water hazard on hole 16 during practice rounds. Perhaps you'll remember John Rahm's hole-in-one this way in 2022? 🙌
A drill can be adapted to develop control and the ability to execute low shots with backspin which can be a good shot to have in mind. Focus on hitting the ball with a downward motion to create extra spin and come out low from the clubface. Try to imagine the ball "dancing" across the surface of the water. This ace shot is not only fun to hit and impress your mates with, but also handy for dealing with tough situations on the course and in the wind. A low, punchy stroke is needed in the bag to tackle a challenging course. 👑

Magnolia lane at Augusta national - Stripe golf
August national members only sign on the golf course

4. Master the 60-Degree Wedge: Augusta National's Secret

The crucial importance of a good slage, high wedge cannot be underestimated on Augusta National's fast and undulating greens. Dedicate practice time to honing your ability with the 58-60 degree wedge, focusing on generating height and spin to achieve quick stops on the green. Practise at different distances and with different types of lies to simulate the varying conditions that can occur during a round at Augusta National.

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