This is Stripe golf

A golf company for todays golfers

Stripe golf is a Swedish golf brand, created by golfers for golfers. We love golf in all its forms and we know that feeling when the game is good on the golf course. Wether its for one swing or 85, its the best feeling in the world to see that white plastic ball soar thru to the clouds or role towards the hole on a undulated green.

Our goal and ambition is to design, produce and sell modern and high performance golf products to golfers who wants lower their score and play the game at its best. All packaged in a innovative golf brand with a digital offering and high quality service towards all customers.


Golf balls

Golf ball No.1

Tour quality golf ball with a 4-piece construction that helps golfers control ball flight. The ball is soft and creates very a high spin rate, which provides control during short game and when playing into the green. The dimples are uniquely designed for an optimal ball trajectory and to improve ball flight. Stripe golf engineering team designed our golf balls to help golfers perform their best at the course.

  • Soft feel
  • High spin
  • Controlled trajectory

Golf ball No.2 

Golf ball No.2 is suitable for players who want to increase the distance from the tee and those who have a high swing speed. The core in Model No.2 is hard, and therefore, it does not result in as high of a spin rate as Model No.1. Model No.2 is a 3-piece golf ball with slightly less compression and less spin than its sister.

  • Maximise distance from tee
  • Less spin
  • Low ball flight


Golf gloves

Grip and feel is vital to perform at your best and lower your score. That applies to all golfers world wide regardless of hcp. Stripe Golf has the tools for that layer between your hand and clubs. Stripe golf gloves is made from finest cabretta leather and are available in 4 models.

Golf glove No.1 - A high quality premium glove in the best and thinnest possible cabretta leather.

Golf glove No.2 - As nice leather as glove No.1. Stitching on the outside of the palm and with a slightly longer wrist cover

Golf glove No.3 - Everyday glove and perfect for days of training and range sessions. Thicker cabretta leather for extra endurance.

Golf glove No.4 - Premium glove in the finest cabretta leather with details in fabrics. Extra leather patch in the palm for extra durability and performance.


Training gear - Launched fall / winter 2022

Tools for training swing, stroke and mind to lower score and improve your golf game. Head covers, aim sticks, swing-speed-sticks and much much more.

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