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Golf gloves, golf balls and golf equipment that will help you lower your score and improve your golf game. High quality without intermediaries at low prices.

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  • Dussin golfbollar modell no 1 med en boll

    Golfboll Modell No.1

    395 kr
  • Golfpeggar gröna peggar låda - Stripe golf

    Peggar (70mm) Grön

    59 kr
  • Golfhandske Model No.1 - Stripe golf

    Golfhandske No.1

    195 kr
  • Stående låda för golfboll modell no2

    Golfboll Modell No.2

    375 kr
Golfpaket säsongsstart reg - Stripe golf

Product offer

Load up your bag before at a really good price! This kit includes a pair of golf gloves made of the finest cabretta leather, a dozen golf balls of choice and a set of tees (72 pcs).



Golfboll Model No.1 Stripe golf

Golf balls

Golfhandskar från Stripe golf

Golf gloves

Golfträning Produkter från stripe golf

Training gear

Golfutrustning driver headcover stripe golf

Golf equipment


Performing on the golf course is hard enough, we know! Great golf requires top notch equipment so that you can focus on the course and your golf game. Stripe Golf’s products helps you achieve you’re goals and aspiration. Check out our products that can help you lower your score.


Choose the golf glove that suits youre hand and your game, and also that lasts long. A good golf glove is essential for a good grip and will help performance on the golf course in the long run. Here are some pointers to help you choose the right golf glove.