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Take your golf game to the next level with Stripe's golf gloves, headcovers, and other golf products. Find what you're looking for to help lower your score and improve your game without breaking the bank. 


Gear up on the golf products needed to make an impact on your score card. Stock up, improve game, enjoy.

Golf gloves in cabretta leather

Perfect fit and grip

To get a firm grip, cabretta leather is the optimal fabric. Durable products that creates a long lasting grip are our approach to golf gloves.

Green for Golf ⛳️

Green leather headcovers with protective fleece lining. Load up your bag so you always have great style on the protection for your clubs

Tour quality golf balls

Made from high demand

Our balls are made golf players who demands more of their gear and golf balls. Stripe golf is a new brand of golf balls made for the modern golfer.



Golf ball from Stripe Golf

Creating a golf ball

Making a golf ball is easy, producing a great golf ball requires commitment and dedication. Read about our production and what makes Stripe golf balls unique and how they can compete with the best at a high level.

Golf gear from Stripe on tee

Its in the details

Performing on the course is difficult enough, we know! Great golf requires top notch equipment so that you can focus on the course and your golf game. Stripe Golf's products helps you achieve you’re goals and aspiration. Check out our products that can help you lower your score.

Golf gloves from Cabretta leather

Find your golf glove

Choose a golf glove that suits your hand and your game, and one that lasts long. A good golf glove is essential for a firm grip and will help performance on the golf course in the long run. Here are some pointers to help you choose the right golf glove.

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