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Stripe golf gloves are designed in Sweden and produced in the finest cabretta leather (grade AAA). A selected few manufacturers produce the best quality gloves for a perfect grip. Everything we can to produce high performance product that lasts long and helps golfers on the course.

Our gloves comes in 4 models. All with different features, qualities and areas of use. Details below or its recommended to read our guide for more information on what glove that fit your needs. Guide to the perfect golf glove

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No.1 – The Tour golf glove

(8 customer reviews)

Golf glove made of ultra-thin, grade AAA cabretta leather, the best quality for maximum feel and grip. Our best and highest-rated product in the golf glove category. The stitching is placed for maximum comfort and with a carefully placed perforation to create the best breathability possible during hot summer days. A premium golf glove at a really good price.

Golf glove size sticker men women

No.4 – Performance golf glove

(11 customer reviews)

Golf glove model No.4 is a performance golf glove and made from cabretta leather with reinforced palm. This to create a more durable golf glove and perfect for players with a strong grip.

Golf package deal with golf balls, golf glove and tees

The Box

Restock your bag at a really good price! This kit includes a pair of golf gloves made from the finest cabretta leather, a dozen premium golf balls and a set of tees (72 pcs).

Golf glove size sticker men women

No.3 - Training golf glove

(6 customer reviews)

An extra durable everyday glove with slightly thicker leather. Extra stretch at the knuckles with a fabric that provides good breathability on hot summer days. Made of high quality cabretta leather for a good grip and long durability.

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No.2 - Ultra soft Golf glove

(4 customer reviews)

Soft golf glove for golf players who want a highly sensitiv feeling and at the same time great grip in their glove. Its durable and at the same time great quality. Perfect to pick up a new for a competition with your golf pals.

Köp 3 - Spara 20%

Did you know that players who complete 1-2 rounds a week should change their golf gloves at least monthly? All our models can be bought as a pack of 3, and this way, you can save a lot of money. Buy 2, get one free! Great, isn’t it?

Grip it and rip it!

A good grip is key to a good golf shot. With the right golf glove, you get a better grip when holding the club and through impact. Do not use old worn-out golf gloves. With Stripe golf gloves you always get:

  • Thin grade AAA cabretta leather
  • High quality at affordable prices
  • Excellent comfort and fit

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What size do i use?

Unsure of what golf glove size to wear? We have a guide that makes it easy to find your size.

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Its in the details

Choosing a golf glove is easy and difficult at the same time. If you make some smart choices, your golf glove could be a better fit and last longer.

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