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Get the XL bundle offer and save 22%! A great deal on Stripe golf gear to start the season with. This deal contains - 2 dozen golf balls (model No.01 and No.02), 3 leather gloves (No.4 - The performance glove) and 144 tees (72 green and 72 white).

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Stripe golf gloves are designed to create a firm grip and to last long. To use a quality golf glove and keep a firm grip of your golf club is the thing you can do to keep your mind on the golf instead of your gear.
Vi använder högkvalitativt och mjukt cabretta läder i våra golfhandskar. I kombination med en effektiv produktionsprocess kan vi skapa högt värde till en låg kostnad. 


  • High quality cabretta leather maximizes fit, form and function.
  • Selective manufacturing process for durable products
  • Soft, flexible fabric for high comfort
  • Golf glove that maintains form and function
  • Great and amazing grip with cabretta leather
Golf ball from Stripe Golf

Creating a golf ball

Making a golf ball is easy, producing a great golf ball requires commitment and dedication. Read about our production and what makes Stripe golf balls unique and how they can compete with the best at a high level.

Golf gear from Stripe on tee

Its in the details

Performing on the course is difficult enough, we know! Great golf requires top notch equipment so that you can focus on the course and your golf game. Stripe Golf's products helps you achieve you’re goals and aspiration. Check out our products that can help you lower your score.

Golf gloves from Cabretta leather

Find your golf glove

Choose a golf glove that suits your hand and your game, and one that lasts long. A good golf glove is essential for a firm grip and will help performance on the golf course in the long run. Here are some pointers to help you choose the right golf glove.

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