Master Putting Game:
Practice to make more putts

Putting is a critical part of golf that can make your scorecard beautiful or full of ugliness. To become a successful golfer, you must develop a reliable putting technique and build confidence in your putting. Fortunately, there are many training exercises you can use to improve your stroke and help you sink many more putts in important moments.

Golf ball on fairway - Stripe golf


The first training exercise focuses on distance control. To improve your distance control, you can set up a series of putts at different distances. Use a marker or a string to create a target line to aim at and focus on hitting the ball along that line. The key is to get a sense of the distance and speed of the ball. You can also try putting with your eyes closed to develop a better sense of distance. 


  • If you have chalk, draw a circle around the hole at the distance where you're comfortable making 100% of your putts. Alternatively, place a couple of tees in a ring or square shape.
  • Place a tee at 3 meters from the hole, one at 4 meters, and one at 5 meters. 
  • Putt 5 balls from each distance, starting with the shortest. 
  • Score 1 point for each ball you make and deduct 1 point for each ball that is outside your marked area around the hole. 

How many points do you score? Repeat and improve.

3 putting drills to crush the greens - Stripe golf
Golf ball on fairway i dusk - Stripe golf ball modell No.01
Exercise 2: Alignment

The second training exercise focuses on alignment. Proper alignment is crucial for accurate putting. Stripe golf ball No.01 and No.02 have a 360-degree line around the entire ball that makes alignment easy. It's the only ball that has this unique feature. 

To improve your alignment, you can use two alignment sticks to create a path for the ball to follow. Practice putting along this path and focus on keeping your putter blade in line with the path. You can also use a putting mirror to check your alignment and stroke technique.


  • Set up a breaking putt of about 2-3 meters. It should be an easy putt that you can make most of the time.
  • Place a peg where your aiming point is on the side of the hole.
  • Align 10 putts towards the peg. 

How many out of 10 putts can you make? 

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Exercise 3: Putting with obstacles

The third training exercise focuses on putting with obstacles. Place objects such as tees or cups in your putting line to create obstacles that you must navigate around. This will help you develop a better feel for the green's breaks and slopes. It will also help you become more skilled at reading the green and putting with precision.


  • Set up your obstacle that you have to navigate around. 
  • Place a peg at two different distances.
  • Score 1 point for each made putt, 0 points for each missed putt, and -2 points for each putt that hits the obstacle.  

How many points can you score? Challenge yourself from farther distances with more challenging breaks.  

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